Focusing on the Good

Keith Cobb's Legacy at Bright Bridge Ministries

This past month, Bright Bridge Ministries lost a mentor, friend, and faithful team member, Keith Cobb. Jonathan Keith Cobb served Bright Bridge Ministries as Maintenance Supervisor, Director of Operations, House Manager, and Case Manager. Cobb made a lasting impact on our work at Bright Bridge because he believed in the transforming power of Christ working in the lives of individuals. He was fully committed to our work, serving as a mentor for people experiencing homelessness and addiction.

A former resident of our His Place transitional living program shared this reflection of Keith’s life, “When I came to Richards Memorial after leaving Waterfront, Keith was the first man I met here. He cared about every person in this place. I saw a man who had to make tough decisions and a man who was in pain, just like we all were. He was trying to find out who he was in the eyes of God, every day. He chose to focus on the good in all of us because he saw that we were all worth more than what we had gone through. He gave everyone here so many chances because he loved us, he cared about us, and he could see that we were all meant for great things. He had Pastor Robin telling him that he was good and meant for great things. He took the good that was given to him and he gave it outward to all of us.”

May Cobb’s life remind us to focus on the good in others and to believe that every person deserves a second chance.

We give thanks this month for Keith Cobb and for all who believe in and support our mission and ministry at Bright Bridge Ministries!

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