Finding His Place

Meet Brad Dalton

“I like to create. I like to grow.” – Brad Dalton, Chadwick House Manager

When asked how he came to Bright Bridge, Brad Dalton is quick to respond, “God.” Looking back on his life, he can tell how God put people in his path and guided him along the way. Originally from New Hampshire, Dalton found his way to south Florida before moving to the panhandle. In Cocoa Beach, he met Karen, a real-life Good Samaritan who picked him up, housed him, washed his clothes, and was the first to give him hope. He continued his journey north and was eventually connected with Bright Bridge Ministries through the Salvation Army. At Bright Bridge, Dalton found a place where he could live into the hope that he had found in Jesus Christ.

Today, Dalton serves as the House Manager at our His Place Ministry Chadwick House. He is an avid gardener and works professionally to restore old homes, primarily in the East Hill community. “If you had told me fifteen years ago that I’d be interested in gardening and bird watching, I would have thought you were smoking something. I’ve always loved to create, just didn’t know how much it would become part of my life. At the Chadwick House, I’ve created a safe environment, a sober environment. I am very grateful to have been given the responsibility of the house.”

Dalton talked about the continued road to living a sober life. “You have to find other activities to replace all the time and effort you spent on using. You have to rewire your brain and find new things that appeal to you when you are sober to help you stay sober.”

Bright Bridge has helped me relocate myself, refine myself, redefine myself and gave me a new chance at life that I never thought I’d have again. It brought my relationship with God, my spirituality, into more than it ever was before. I’m actually proud of who I am. Bright Bridge allowed me to grow into who I am now.

Dalton speaks as one who has been down, has relapsed, and is here as a testimony to what God is doing in his life. Said Dalton, “I’ve never been at peace like I am now. Once I let go and let God it is so much easier…you cannot do this without being honest. You have to be honest with yourself and have to be honest with everything you do.”

October 15 is the three year anniversary of Dalton’s sobriety. This month, we celebrate Dalton’s life, leadership in our program, and the ways in which he uses his creativity in this world.

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